About Us

We are a niche consulting firm specializing in software product development, business intelligence, big data, hadoop and quality assurance.
We believe that our success is built on the success of our clients, and we do what it takes to give our clients a sustained competitive edge through value and innovation. By formalizing our experience into innovative tools and frameworks, we help our customers accelerate time-to-market, improve the quality of products and reduce costs. Our unique culture promotes excellence and drives innovation through trust, pride and teamwork.

Some key differentiators that help us build enduring relationships with our clients include:

  • Mindshare
    Our engagement model, partnership mindset and organization structure ensure that our customers get all the mindshare that they need, and more.
  • Team stability
    Our staff retention and longevity provides immense confidence to our customers that the investment they make in their teams with us shows excellent ROI.
  • Process maturity
    Our processes are an amalgamation of industry best practices, standards like ISO and client’s way-of-working.
  • Innovation
    Our ability to bring a fresh perspective to every engagement and our execution capability enables us to deliver practical innovation enhancing the value of our service multi-fold.
  • Service orientation
    We never forget that we are in the software services business, an attitude that carries tremendous weight in our recruitment process. Our customers get teams that always go the extra mile to advance their businesses.
  • Partnership mindset
    As a company, we take a very long-term view to each and every relationship. We invest time and effort that we know is required for the relationship to mature.