In this elastic world, high performance hinges on the ability to gain insights from data. Informed executives make more insightful decisions that deliver improved business outcomes across the enterprise.

Business Intelligence and Analytics
Businesses are often faced with questions on customer behavior, marketing decisions, supply chain management, risk, pricing and financial planning. Some common questions that come up are:

• How do we optimize our ROI based on customer behavior, budgeting and pricing strategy?
• How do we draw 360-degree insights about our businesses, customers, products, and derive feedback and value from volumes of big data?

Also, with data sets growing rapidly, commonly used software tools are unable to capture, manage and process the data within a defined time limit. This calls for a different approach and the use of different technologies to solve today’s problems. We provide consulting, solutions, methodologies, and frameworks that help our customers in not only addressing the deluge in information growth, but also in answering questions pertaining to the information hidden in data. We leverage next generation information management technologies to enable our customers in data driven decision making. We believe that enterprises, which treat corporate information repository as a new type of corporate asset, and leverage technologies and processes to harness vast pool of data for decision making yield significant ROI to their investors.

Our Services
Our expertise lies in business analytics and intelligence. With our industry knowledge, technical capability, operational excellence, robust global delivery model and strong partnership models, we can help you with insights to improve the decision making process.

Enterprise Information Management Consulting
We provide consulting in the areas of DW-BI, maturity assessments, building competency centers, which would help our customers in the creation of business cases for BI deployments. We provide realistic, expertise-led approach with implementation focus that is not only aimed at merely reducing costs, but also improving speed of execution.

Data Warehousing
As a part of the data warehousing practice, we help our customers in defining the technological maturity and readiness, assessing the current organizational landscape (as-is) and addressing shortcoming by means of a well-defined timeline based roadmap.

We have strong skills in understanding business requirements to help our customers in achieving IT robustness by first providing them with proof of concepts (wireframes, etc) so as to build confidence on disruptive technologies, reports, etc., and then building robust BI systems by providing scalable and technologically mature BI architecture.

An important part of building a robust Data Warehousing platform is the consolidation of data across various sources to create a good repository of master data, which will help in providing consistent information across the organization. We have a lot of experience in master data management and governance, and will also be able to help in other relevant areas like data quality and data security.

Business Analytics
Most of the decisions till recently were based on expert judgment, rule of thumb or in some cases intuition. There has been an increasing focus on supporting business decisions based on data. We, at Numentica, believe that the art of analytics goes far beyond just statistics and has to be tightly integrated with business understanding and smarter integration.

We have a large pool of competent and highly skilled associates across levels – Domain Consultants, Statisticians, Research Associates, Business Analysts, Program Managers and Architects – to deliver effective solutions for the ever changing market. We offer advanced and cost effective analytics solutions and provide actionable insights that assist our clients in the decision support systems.

Numentica specializes in providing high value, insightful research and analyst support services for Global Corporations, Financial Institutions and Management Consulting firms at a fraction of the cost of local equivalents. Our focus is on delivering in-depth analysis and 100% customized research to our clients, with the central goal of helping them make better business decisions.

Our offerings in the business analytics space span across Marketing Analytics, Financial Analytics, Operational Analytics, Risk Analytics, Customer Analytics, and Digital Analytics.

Big Data
We help clients build unified analytics platforms for handling extreme volumes of data using Hadoop and other map-reduce paradigms with state-of-the-art technologies to address storage and effective retrievals that are beyond the ability of typical data warehousing solutions. The key considerations for building the platforms are:
• Volume: Data volumes approaching multiple petabytes.
• Velocity: Data being generated and ingested for analysis in real-time.
• Variety: Heterogeneous data ranging from social blogs to images to weblogs.
• Complexity: Different standards, domain rules, and storage formats per data type.