Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Practice

The technology advances of the past decade have enabled companies to compete on a global scale and connect more effectively than ever with customers, partners, and business prospects. The advances continue, but to capitalize on them, companies must have a flexible and agile business architecture.

At Numentica’s Enterprise Architecture practice, we believe there are five imperatives for IT organizations in these exciting but challenging times:

Deliver more value at greater speed and lower cost
Support anytime, anywhere computing on any device
Sustain effective collaboration within a distributed workforce
Make systems available at all times to accommodate global markets
Capitalize on “big data” to fuel product and service innovations

Our experienced consultants can help you make business architecture improvements now, while thinking ahead to capitalize on future tools and technologies that will ensure your success as a 21st Century business enterprise.

Numentica’s Enterprise Architecture practice consists of five primary offerings, each with a subset of services:

Transformational Enterprise Architecture
Business Intelligence and Information Management
e-Business Consulting
Infrastructure Consulting
Enterprise Content Management