We Take Holistic Approach to Design

Designing for mobile means merger knowledge of web, graphic and even industrial design. Greatest mobile design requires knowing not just the devices & platforms, but the method consumers will be working on them. From interface models to development constraints, Numentica Mobile design team identifies that design path impacts, not simply the user experience, but also development timelines and budget.

Mobile Application Development
A skilled, specialized Mobile Application Developer is exponentially more efficient than a team of generalists. Each & every client, Numentica make a full endeavor to assemble the exact team based on the technologies needed and subject matter proficiency of every team member.

Mobile Web

As the ability of mobile web approach closer & closer to that of mobile applications, Numentica has reacted with a specialist team of mobile web developers that faucet the latest in Web-Kit to make native-like experiences using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services
On mobile, even tiny bugs can have a negative impact on acceptance and erosion. Numentica has built top practices and technologies exclusively designed to streamline the QA method and make certain that deployments go effortlessly and users stay happy.

Our Mobile Application Testing Services

• Compatibility testing across devices-: Compatibility testing declares that a particular application workings as intended with preferred devices with diverse screen sizes, resolutions, and internal hardware.

• Functionality Testing-: Functionality testing of a mobile device consists of controls, storage media managing alternatives, and other operational features. With help of Functionality Testing we confirm that whether the application is performing according to the requirement.

• Interoperability Testing-: Interoperability testing comprises testing of diverse functionalities on various mobile agents such as call setup, sharing conference, messaging and video messaging etc.

• Usability Testing-: Usability testing covers mobile interface testing, application steering testing, and intuitiveness of the application, stability, and rigor of color scheme.

• Performance Testing-: Numentica executes the load, capability, and pressure testing of mobile application servers. The purpose of load testing is to find out whether the application can maintain the necessitate number of users with satisfactory reply times.

• Localization & Internationalization Testing-: The aim of Localization & Internationalization testing is to guarantee that the localization and internationalization characteristics are supported by the devices & applications as stated by requirements.

• Communication Testing-: The intention of this testing is to authenticate the protocols and handshakes in a call flow among several users.

• Data exchange and Synchronization Testing-: This testing hub on data exchange and synchronization between diverse mobile devices, PDAs, and PCs with infrared frequency and USB ports.